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Hair, your crowning glory.  You wash, braid, gel and subject your hair to various tortures to get the style you want.

But are you doing the correct thing to keep your hair healthy? Are you sure that air drying your hair is better than blow drying?

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Is your combing style correct for your permed hair?
More can be discovered as we unlock the proper way in getting the best of your hair beauty.

Top 10 Tips For Hair Care

Hair is composed of protein which in turn is made up of fibres. The main protein in hair is called keratin. Everyone's hair is composed of different textures, shapes, styles and qualities. To decide out what product to use, it is important to determine your hair type. Once this is done, you will be able to incorporate a suitable hair care product into your daily beauty regime. The following tips for hair care, if followed, will give you nourished, manageable and beautiful hair.

Tip 1: Be Gentle with your hair
The first tip, is to be delicate with your hair. Your hair is the most fragile when it is wet or moist. Rigorous scrubbing or washing of your hair and scalp causes the majority of hair damage. Wash your hair gently, section by section in an orderly fashion. This will enable you to wash it thoroughly without damage or breakage.

Tip 2: Less is more
The 2nd tip is to avoid over washing your hair. Over washing your hair will strip the natural oils that protect and nourish the scalp and hair. Washing your hair every 2 to 3 days is usually sufficient. However, there are some types of hair that need more frequent cleaning, Korres' range of products are gentle enough to use everyday.

Tip 3: You are what you eat
Tip number 3 is something that a lot of people fail to do. This will not just give healthy hair but will benefit your whole body. Tip number 3 is ensuring you eat a healthy balanced diet. A healthy diet will provide the nutrients and vitamins to essential to nourish your hair and prevent split ends, dandruff, or hair loss. Most of all, it keeps your hair shiny and helps it retain the moisture needed by your hair.

Tip 4: Avoid sun damage
Tip number 4 requires you to take the necessary steps to avoid UV ray exposure. UV dries out your hair strands leaving it looking lifeless and dull. When you go out in the sun or to the beach, wear a hat or a bandana to protect your hair from harmful UV rays.

Tip 5: Minimise damage
The 5th tip is making sure you deep condition your hair after colouring or using heat styling products. Many women do not realise the damage caused by hair dye or heat styling. It can cause hair loss, as it strips the hair of its healthy nutrients and vitamins. It can take a long time to rebuild and repair damaged hair.

Deep conditioning re-bonds damaged hair and revitalises chemically coloured hair follicles.

Tip 6: Dry with care
Tip number 6 is to be careful with that hair dryer. The recommended distance between dryer and hair is 24 inches. Do not apply it directly on the hair as this will increase the damage done by the heat. The best option is to let it air dry naturally.

Tip 7: Have a trim
The 7th tip is to get your hair trimmed regularly. Getting your hair trimmed regularly will snip off any split ends cropping up and will promote healthy growth for your hair. Loose strands and split ends can make you look unkempt and messy.

Tip 8: Get manageable
Tip 8 is to use a light gel or mousse to keep those unmanageable strands in place to give you a clean pleasant hair style.

Tip 9: Let your hair relax
Tip 9 is to let your hair relax from time to time. This means letting it breathe by not using any styling products or tying it up in a ponytail. You should avoid hair clips also.

Tip 10: Healthy scalp, healthy hair
Tip 10 is to look after your scalp and your scalp will look after your hair. For example a head massage once a month will work wonders for your hair. A head massage stimulates your roots and improves circulation to the scalp. This promotes healthy hair growth.

It can be difficult to fit proper hair care into a busy day but these tips only take a few minutes but will make the world of difference. Choosing the right product for your hair is the first step, but that is not enough to make sure your hair is as beautiful and manageable as you want it to be.

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Emily said...

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indian hair said...

Once this is done, you will be able to incorporate a suitable hair care product into your daily beauty regime.
Thank you for post.

Beauty Queens said...

Hair needs to be treated more gently during the summer. Consider switching to a more moisturizing and overall gentle shampoo formulas like Phytojoba or similar.

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